Equestrian Pilates® has taken my riding to a whole new level!  After completing the series of workouts Charlee put together for me, I have gained strength and flexibility throughout my entire body.  Pilates has really helped me to develop my core, allowing my arms, seat and legs to work as separate entities and use independent aids.  The flexibility I have achieved through Pilates carries over to my riding, freeing my elbows, shoulders, lower back, hips and ankles of tension for a supple ride!  Pilates has also helped me to recover from a severely dislocated shoulder, restoring its strength and mobility.  Through the heightened body awareness Pilates has given me, I find it easier to fix my position and feel where the horse's body is underneath me. I continually discover deeper levels of riding sophistication and cannot wait to see what else Pilates will help me discover!



Jaqueline Linden from Rocky River, Ohio.  

Discipline: Dressage, Cross Country, Hunt seat & Stadium Jumping

Lake Erie College IHSA Team High Point Rider & IDA Team Rider


Your classes have definitely helped me. At the beginning of the year I arrived to the states with a completely different style of riding and had to switch my seating and all my aids completely. I was constantly told that I had to open my chest and sit up straight. I also had a problem keeping my legs in their position and they were always creeping forward. I have felt that the exercises we have done in your Equestrian Pilates® Class have helped me immensely! I have a stronger core so I can keep my body tall, and all the exercises we have done to keep the shoulders back and release tension have finally allowed me to end my "vulture" position; as my trainer at Lake Erie College Mary Pardee called it. She has also complimented my firm leg position, and I do feel like a lot of it is a result of your classes. Not to mention that the aromatherapy and meditation have helped me release a lot of tension that was inhibiting me from riding properly. Moreover, it is usually on Mondays after a session that I feel relaxed and have better upper body position.


Sofia Green from Ecuador

Discipline: Hunter/Jumper  & IHSA Team Member

Lake Erie College Equine Science Student