Chakra Balancing


Chakra Clearing and Balancing assists the body in releasing restrictions from past traumas or injuries. Trauma is any event that has caused harm or injury to the body whether physically emotionally, mentally or spiritually. The horse’s body has a wonderful self-healing mechanism. As a healer and practitioner the most important thing we can do is be present and listen to what the horse is telling us and needs. Chakra Balancing helps to reduce stress and promotes health and vitality.

Until the trauma is released from the body it is stored in cellular memory affecting the well being of the horse.

Chakra Balancing in corolation with essential oils can benefit horses suffering from:

  • Headshaking

  • Laminitis

  • Head Trauma

  • Behavioral problems

  • Low Back and Joint Problems

  • Blocked tear ducts

  • Hind End Lameness

  • Facial Nerve paralysis

  • Wind Sucking

  • Difficulty with Respiration

Internship: Wild Goose Farm Holistic Therapy & Consulting LLC

Riding/Sports Meditation - Chakra Health - Equine Chakra Health 


During a 5 month period in early 2014, Charlee interned and expanded her knowledge, skills, and methods of Human/Horse Chakra health and enery healing. Promoting cutting edge holistic methods that increase horse and rider communication, performance, and overall wellness.


Site Manager: Maura Coyne Lipinski, LISW-S, CHT

Wild Goose Farm Holistic Therapy & Consulting LLC


1.Subconscious versus Conscious mind function studies


2.Hypnosis, meditation, and chakra balancing as powerful therapy tools to uncover past decisions and behavioral patterns inhibiting the rider, or manifesting physically or otherwise in your riding abilities.

a. Emotions and the mind/body connection

b. Setting new positive conclusions and decisions to increase performance

• Complete 3 hypnotherapy sessions as provided by Internship Instructor

• Observe hypnotherapy sessions where participants have consented to observation


3. Chakra Health-Horse and Human

a. Human Chakras-History reports and research papers.

b. Energy work to open and align chakras in both humans and horses

c. Horse Chakras-impact of the human/equine partnership related to chakra health

d. Organized activities to increase rider awareness and healing in order to operate at highest possible vibrational level and increased performance level in riding and all aspects of life.



• Review and define/practice the individual benefits of restoring therapies and physical wellness practices for horse and rider

o hypnotherapy

o chakra work

o massage

o Equestrian pilates(r)

o yoga

o crystal therapy

o nutrition/natural supplements


• Created a Chakra educational workshop diagram series of:

o Horse and rider in ground work- illustrating the energy fields of the Chakra systems and information related to how human energy and position of body affect the horse’s energy field

o Mounted rider- illustrating individual Chakra systems of the horse and rider and a highlighted area demonstrating areas of shared energy

              Equine Aromatherapy 



The type of ailments that essential oils can naturally cure:


  • Thrush

  • Emotional Issues

  • Dermititis

  • Sarcoids

  • Summer Fever, Mud Rash (Bacteria)

  • Skin Fungus (Ring Worm)

  • Parasites

  • Wounds/Cuts Ointment

  • Sheath Cleaning

Incorporating Essential Oils into the therapy program for your horse you will see increased recovery rate and improvement almost immediately. Whether it is during a sport massage or a chakra clearing session, aromatherapy for our equine friends is just as revitalizing and healing as it is for us. 

The video below is of a Equine Aromatherapy Consultation in Austrailia they use a herb called Greenzyme. I am amidst researching this product and it's remarkable things it has done for ill horses.